All of Stanton Healthcare's services are confidential and provided at no cost.

Our Services

  • Early Detection Pregnancy Testing: Our medical pregnancy tests are lab-grade, 99.9% accurate, and Stanton nurses provide the results within minutes.

  • Pregnancy Verification: Using state-of-the-art equipment, a licensed nurse or sonographer performs an ultrasound scan to verify pregnancy and determine gestational age. A doctor reviews the scan and provides a verification of pregnancy.

  • Options Counseling: In a one-on-one session, a trained Stanton Advocate assesses client needs by asking simple questions. The advocate then provides relevant, accurate information and encourages the client to make healthy choices.

  • Sexual Integrity Consultation: Tailored to each client’s needs and circumstances, a health advocate provides information concerning sexual health and wellness. Topics covered include: STD testing, safe sex, relationships, and birth control.

  • STD Testing: Following a Sexual Integrity Consultation, clients are provided with confidential STD/STI testing at no cost.

  • Post-Abortion Care: An individualized post-abortion care plan may include the following options:

    • Massage Therapy Session

    • Emotional Wellness Assessment

    • Confidential Support Groups

    • Wellness Care

  • All clients are welcome to participate in Stanton Wellness Care addressing emotional, physical, and spiritual needs through a holistic approach. Based on need, options include:

    • Stanton Care Program (18 month individualized care plan)

    • Fitness and Nutrition

    • Massage Therapy

  • Maternity & Baby Supplies: Visit our well-stocked baby and mama boutique.

  • Practical Assistance: Based on client need and clinic resources, assistance may be provided in the areas of food, clothing, and transportation.

  • Referrals for: OB/GYN care, Housing, Legal Advice, and Adoption


The Stanton Experience

Stanton Healthcare is committed to providing every woman with access to quality care.

When walking into a Stanton Healthcare clinic anywhere in the world, you are in a confidential, professional, and compassionate space. 

The clean, modern layout of each clinic is intentionally designed to promote a comfortable vibe and an efficient, flawless Stanton experience.

We pay attention to every detail — from the steps we take to provide a safe and caring experience, to the services and resources we've designed to support you in your journey to reproductive wellness.

StantonCare   Program

Every person who seeks services from Stanton Healthcare is met by one of our trained StantonCare Advocates.

A StantonCare Advocate is a person equipped with the knowledge to guide you with options, programs and services to provide you with the best possible care. The first responsibility of the Advocate is to listen to you and offer support.

As you allow, your StantonCare Advocate will offer options with the goal of enhancing your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

Following your initial consultation at the clinic, you will be invited to meet with a StantonCare Specialist who will work with our medical team to create your own StantonCare Plan.  

As part of your StantonCare Plan, you may receive Stanton services for up to 18 months, or as needed. These services will be customized just for you and delivered in a confidential, professional setting. 

You are a woman of great value and dignity. We want you to know your options.  

Not just one option, but all of your options. We are here to advocate for you.